Vacation Vicariously With Ashley Bulgari

Girl: Ashley Bulgari & Miluska Duration: 24min Favorited: 915

How fast does that speed boat go? Is the water cool or warm? If you are a true fan of erotica you probably didn't even notice there is a boat or an ocean in this sexy video. Ashley Bulgari overwhelms your vision and becomes the only true focal point for your eyes. Vacationing vicariously with the most beautiful brunette hostess, as she strips naked and shows off her statuesque body - this is the stuff adult dreams are made from. Daydreaming about the way the boat would race back into port for an elegant dinner served on the beach and a campfire full of romance with Ashley is just one way your mind may take you and that's why Sun Erotica films are always crafted carefully to leave enough room for your own imagination to [play a role in the excitement]!

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