Cindy Dollar Is 100% Natural And So Are Her Orgasms

Girl: Cindy Dollar Duration: 21min Favorited: 873

Natural, organic and real. You always know the difference between faked orgasms and a real shivering climax. You can see a girl across the room and decide instantly if she is a a natural beauty or a cosmetic surgery fanatic. Savor the flawless allure of Cindy Dollar as she gets comfortable in one of her favorite places for some full body meditation. Some girls try to ease their mind and find inner-peace, but Cindy always takes thing a step further as she explores her sweet pussy with a favorite sex toy and earns the kind of physical peace that can only cum from quality time masturbating while you watch. Show Cindy your appreciation as a [new member of Sun Erotica] where true artistic adult entertainment comes to life every day!

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